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Residential Solar Systems

split cell solar modules

Quality solar modules are an efficient and clean way to generate energy that can be harnessed and utilised in your home without any waste or pollution. The utilisation of renewable energy is the way of the future. Grid connected residential systems can give you significant savings on your power bill each month and enable you to adopt a more energy efficient lifestyle. Give yourself even more independence from the grid utilising your own battery bank in self consumption mode in the evenings, or install a system with HYBRID function to support your important loads if and when the power goes out. There are so many benefits to using solar energy - read through our options to see which is the best fit for your home and then contact us to start your personalised quote.

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Off Grid & Hybrid Systems with battery banks

gel battery bank

With a solar battery storage system, you can save the excess energy you generate from your solar modules during the day to use later when the sun isn’t shining. This means that you can be more independent from the grid, utilising more of your FREE solar energy rather than exporting it. There are two types of grid connected systems with battery banks - one is a system set up primarily for self consumption, the other a hybrid set up for battery back up support, ideal for areas that have regular power outages. Or you can be completely OFF GRID with a solar system that is generating all of your energy and charging up a battery bank that supports your home entirely free of grid connection.

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