Residential Solar Systems

Quality solar modules are an efficient and clean way to generate energy that can be harnessed and utilised in your home without any waste or pollution. The utilisation of renewable energy is the way of the future. Grid connected residential systems can give you significant savings on your power bill each month and enable you to adopt a more energy efficient lifestyle. Give yourself even more independence from the grid utilising your own battery bank in self consumption mode in the evenings, or install a system with HYBRID function to support your important loads if and when the power goes out.  With a solar battery storage system, you can save the excess energy you generate from your solar modules during the day to use later when the sun isn’t shining. This means that you can be more independent from the grid, utilising more of your FREE solar energy rather than exporting it.  We offer both battery systems designed for self consumption and hybrid or ESS systems designed to offer battery back up and support during grid outages.  Single and multi phase systems are available as well as small business 3 phase commercial grid connected systems. There are so many benefits to using solar energy – read through our options to see which is the best fit for you then contact us to start your personalised consultation and quote.

Standard Grid Connected Solar Energy System

A standard residential grid connected solar energy system is the most economical way to begin generating your own energy and offsetting your network usage. Instantly start saving dollars on your power bill as soon as your system is operational. We will assess your energy consumption patterns and from this design a system that will give you enough energy to cover your average daytime usage.

With a standard grid connected system, a series of solar modules is connected to one PV inverter – this conventional system converts the suns energy into usable electricity in your home. Any excess energy is exported back out to the grid through your import/export meter. Your energy retailer pays you per kW for all exported units. Shop around for the best option for your household as there are many different combinations of tariffs and buy back rates on offer.  

Single and multi-phase systems are available as well as grid connected commercial 3 phase solar plants. We use a range of quality solar inverters and modules. Our team will design a system that we feel is the best solution for you. All of our systems are custom designed to meet our clients requirements with the only limitation being your available roof space.

Enphase Micro Inverter Solar Energy System

Instead of one inverter connected to all solar modules, an Enphase Micro inverter system has individual inverters under each solar module. This allows each panel to operate at optimum production levels with shading being of less concern. Micro inverters produce more in low-light conditions offering a longer solar production day and higher efficiency. Because they operate independently, they are perfect for homes with multiple roof faces and varying orientations. Because of their unique independence you can also grow your system at a later date by simply adding more solar modules and micro inverters – the new micro inverters will integrate and communicate with your systems ENVOY hub seamlessly.  This expansion is not easy with a standard string system, however, micro inverters are a great way to introduce more solar to an already existing string system. You can also add an Enphase Lithium battery to extend your solar consumption into the evening and offer some circuits backup support in a network outage.

Solar Energy System with Battery Storage

Instead of exporting excess generated energy back to the grid, a system that includes a lithium battery bank stores that extra energy in the battery ready to be discharged into your home as required day and night. This greatly increases your energy self-sufficiency giving you more autonomy from the local grid. Careful consideration on system and battery sizing needs to be taken into account to maximise the benefits of self-consumption. Once your battery bank has been fully charged any excess energy not used in the home is then exported back into the grid where your energy retailer pays you per kw for all exported units.

In some cases we recommend installing the solar system on your roof first and allowing up to 12 months to assess your solar generation, consumption patterns and amount of exported energy.  Based on this data we can recommend the appropriate lithium battery for your household without over-sizing or over investing.  It is important to have enough solar generation to charge the battery bank sufficiently, so having the right balance in the system design is essential. Small solar systems are not suitable for use with battery storage.

Hybrid Solar Energy System with Battery Backup

Unlike other grid connected solar systems which automatically shut down during a network outage, a hybrid system allows you to keep generating and consuming energy when the local grid fails. In HYBRID mode your system will support essential loads such as fridge and freezer, until the grid comes back on or the battery bank is depleted.  Hybrid systems also work in self consumption mode, offering the household use of stored energy in the evenings giving you even better returns on your investment. Preset levels can be programmed into the system to allow for energy to be stored in case of network outage events.

A range of hybrid options are available – from basic backup support through to an ESS System with a larger battery bank, which can operate more independently of the grid and offers greater support in a network failure.  Full consultation about the type of system you require and the performance you want from the battery is essential to getting the right system design.  We work with you to design the system based on your consumption and backup requirements following full consultation.

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