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Residential system with battery bank for self consumption

This grid connected solar system is designed to utilise most of your solar generation. Instead of exporting excess energy to the grid, the extra energy is stored in a battery bank that can be discharged into your home when the sun goes down. Careful consideration on system sizing and battery sizing needs to be taken into account to maximise the benefits of self consumption. Once your battery bank has been fully charged any excess energy not used in the home is then exported back into the grid. Enphase battery pictured.

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Hybrid Residential system with battery backup

A Hybrid grid connected system works in the same way as your conventional standard string residential solar system with one very important difference. Unlike a grid-tied residential solar system which automatically switches off when the grid fails, a hybrid battery storage system allows you to keep generating and consuming energy when the grid goes down. In HYBRID mode your system will support your essential loads such as keeping your fridge and freezer running until the grid comes back on. A range of battery options are available.

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Off Grid system with battery bank

If you live in a remote location or your building site is too far from the nearest grid connection, you may need to consider having your own OFF GRID system. This means having your own power plant complete with a storage battery bank. This is true independence from the grid. No power bills or line charges. You operate your own energy system. We offer a wide range of Off Grid system designs suited to supply energy to a rural shed, small bach, lifestyle home or full time residence.

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